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About the LOC

Welcome to our website.

Staffordshire LOC is a statutory NHS body, representing all local optometrists and dispensing opticians who provide services through the General Ophthalmic Services (GOS), encouraging them to maintain and further improve the high standards of eye care provided for the people of Staffordshire.

The LOC works towards these aims by organising training for its members and by informing, advisng and negotiating with the NHS England Staffordshire & Shropshire Area Team and Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure that community optometrists and opticians are enabled to provide the new community eye care services that are needed now more than ever for the local population.

Both eye care professionals and the public will find the website a useful source of information. For members of the public, this includes careers information and links to other eye related organisations and charities as well as general eyecare information.

Feel free to browse the site. If you need help or information, or you feel there are other useful items we could include, please contact our secretary Alison Lowell.


What does the LOC do?

Currently the LOC:

1) Informs, advises and negotiates with the 6 CCG's and the NHS Staffordshire and Shropshire Local Area Team on matters affecting, or liable to affect, local contractors and local performers (whether GOS or Community Eye Care services).  The LOC conveys the views of local contractors and performers to other NHS and healthcare organisations

2) Has been developing community eye care schemes across the 6 CCG's, strengthening existing pathways in the North and working towards the commissioning of new pathways in the South

3) Is represented on the board of LOCSU.  Mike Cody is ABDO representative.

4) Provides training and assessment for all clinicians who wish to participate in community eye care services.  LOC officer Mark McCracken is a trained and accredited LOCSU Lead Assessor in PEARS and Glaucoma.  Three committee members are working towards attainment of peer facilitator accreditation from The College of Optometrists

5) Is represented on the Staffordshire Diabetic Eye Screening Board by LOC officer Ian Meadows


Can I attend meetings of the LOC?

All optometrists, dispensing opticians and pre-reg students working in Staffordshire are welcome to attend LOC meetings as observers.  Whether to find out more about the local community eyecare services, to raise a matter of interest, to become involved with the LOC's work ... or just to share information. The LOC will be delighted to welcome you as its guest.  Please phone LOC secretary Alison Lowell on 01785 887937, or email:


LOC Meeting dates

9th September 2019

11th November 2019

13th January 2020

9th March 2020

11th May 2020

AGM - 9th June 2020


Web version of the minutes of the LOC Committee meeting can be viewed here.

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 8th January 2018

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 12th March 2018

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 14th May 2018

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 10th September 2018

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 19th November 2018

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 7th January 2019

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 11th March 2019

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 13th May 2019

Minutes of the Staffordshire LOC AGM - Tuesday 11th June 2019

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 9th September 2019

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 11th November 2019

LOC Committee Meeting - Monday 13th January 2020




Who are on the LOC?

Irfan Razvi (Chairman): Contractor, optometrist

Mark McCracken (Vice Chairman): Contractor, therapeutic optometrist

John Hollins (Vice Chair North): Contractor, optometrist

Shelley Williams (Vice Chair South): Contractor, optometrist

Ian Meadows (Treasurer): Performer, optometrist

Alison Lowell (Secretary)



Stephen Cotton: Contractor, optometrist

Sue Cutts: Contractor, optometrist

Sarah Edge: Contractor, dispensing optician

Alexa Long: Performer, optometrist

Jim Heath: Contractor, optometrist 

Judy Lea: Contractor, optometrist

Satinder Mahal: Contractor, optometrist

Clive Marchant: Contractor, dispensing optician

Michaela Kelcher: Contractor, optometrist

Amy Belfield: Performer, optometrist

Richard Webb: Performer, therapeutic optometrist

Sophia McCubbin: Performer, optometrist


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