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Primary Eyecare Services Ltd (PES) is an 'Optometry Federation' set up by Local Optical Committees delivering eye health services via a network of optical practices across large parts of England. Primary Eyecare Services is the largest provider of extended primary eye care services in England.

Staffordshire LOC has assisted PES by mobilising a network of local optical practice contractors so that they could all participate in an the contracts locally as they could have done in the past with their own direct contracts. 

The extended primary eyecare services provided in Staffordshire by PES are overseen by a local clinical governance and performance lead (CGPL).



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Optometrists' Formulary - Community Optometry Service

Primary Eyecare Services has been established to specifically act as the lead for a network of local optical practices ("subcontractors") dedicated to deliver excellent eye care in the local community.

This is the Company's optometrists' formulary for the Community Optometry Service consisting of prescribing information for drugs relevant to this service:

Drug NameLegal ClassificationAvailable PreparationDrug TypeDrug Classification
Fluorescein SodiumPVariousOcular Diagnostic PreparationDiagnostic stain
Tropicamide HydrochloridePOMVariousMydriatic and CycloplegicAnti-muscarinic
Cyclopentolate HydrochloridePOMVariousMydriatic and CycloplegicAnti-muscarinic
Phenylephrine HydrochloridePVariousMydriatic and CycloplegicSympathomimetic
Tetracaine Hydrochloride (Amethocaine)POMSingle Use (preservative free)Local AnaestheticEster-type local anaesthetic
Lidocaine Hydrochloride (Lignocaine)POMSingle Use (preservative free)Local AnaestheticAmide-type local anaesthetic
Oxybuprocaine hydrochloride (Benoxinate)POMSingle Use (preservative free)Local AnaestheticEster-type local anaesthetic
Proxymetacaine hydrochloridePOMSingle Use (preservative free)Local AnaestheticEster-type local anaesthetic
ChloramphenicolP and POM (P for Bacterial Conjunctivitis Only)

-Eye Drops
-Eye Ointments

Anti -infectiveAnti-Bacterial
Fusidic AcidPOMViscous GelAnti -infectiveAnti-Bacterial
HypromelloseP/CEVariousArtificial Tears/Ocular LubricantsArtificial Tears
Carbomer 980P/CE

Various Gels

Artificial Tears/Ocular LubricantsArtificial Tears
Liquid ParaffinP

Lacri-Lube: eye Ointment

Artificial Tears/Ocular Lubricants

Artificial Tears
Antazoline and Xylometazoline (Otrivine-antistin)POtrivine – Antistine: eye dropsAnti-inflammatoryAnti-histamine
Sodium Cromoglicate

P and POM
[GSL for hayfever – not to be used in

VariousAnti-inflammatoryMast Cell Stabiliser
Sodium HyaluronateCEVarious Including preservative free (Multidose and single use)Artificial Tears/Ocular LubricantsArtificial Tears


Other drugs available to optometrists can be seen in the most recent College of Optometrists formulary – which also outlines which of these are available to optometrists to use and or supply dependent on if they have any additional qualifications.

Review date: January 2018

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