Visualise Training and Consultancy - Daniel Williams at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Visualise Training and Consultancy - Daniel Williams

Staffordshire optometrists and dispensing opticians who attended Staffordshire LOC's AGM on 11 June will have had the pleasure of viewing the prior CET event, "An Introduction to Visual Impairment" by Daniel Williams of Visualise Training and Consultancy.  Dan spoke with passion and enthusiasm, and was an inspiration to everyone in the room.  As an RP sufferer who is registered severely sight impaired, he talked from personal experience - offering valuable insights into the problems that visually impaired people face when visiting their community optical practice, and how we can better serve these patients.  
Dan is keen that we help him to empower all of our colleagues in Staffordshire.  To this end, here is a link to an electronic copy of Visualise's resource pack:
To those of you who would like to support Dan by donating to the Visualise project so that they can continue their work, here is a link to their GoFundMe page:

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