Staffordshire CUES Training Event - 29th March 2021 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Staffordshire CUES Training Event - 29th March 2021

Staffordshire LOC and Primary Eyecare Services Ltd (PES) jointly ran a Virtual CUES Training Event on Monday 29 March.  A number of useful updates were shared in terms of:  

  1. Use of IP and OCT bolt-ons 
  2. Staffs CUES Medicines Supply Table 
  3. Telemedicine and Video Consultation methods 
  4. Review of CUES service performance.   

Delegates enjoyed an in-depth Q&A session with Staffs LOC and PES, and the interaction and feedback from the delegates in attendance on the night was very constructive. 

A great number who attended the meeting (and some who were unable to) have asked the LOC office for a recording of the training event as well as access to the presentation slides. The relevant links to these resources are now available on the CUES tab of this website.


In terms of Staffordshire CUES Medicines Supply, here is a reminder of the list of the forms that all participating practices should use with immediate effect, if they haven’t started doing so already: 

  • Staffs CUES Medicines Supply Table (outlining the four different routes of CUES Medicines Supply
  • Optometrist Referral to Pharmacy Form (for GSL/P Medicines only – NOT TO BE USED FOR POM MEDICINES) 
  • CPOSS Signed Order Form (for POM Medicines only – NOT TO BE USED FOR GSL/P MEDICINES) 
  • CPOSS Participating Pharmacies List (up to date as of Feb 2021

These can also be accessed via the CUES tab. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the LOC office.

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