Relocation of Primary Care Support Services- 14/05/2015 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Relocation of Primary Care Support Services- 14/05/2015

You will have received a leaflet from the West Midlands Primary Care Support Services team advising of the relocation of Ophthalmic payment services to the Preston Primary Care Support Office.   We want to provide you with additional information and to assure you of our commitment to making the transfer as seamless as possible to ensure a smooth transition for all parties.

As stated in the leaflet already sent to you the Ophthalmic payment service has transferred to the Preston office.

1  Payment Dates

  • Payment dates will remain as 22nd of the month or earlier if this date falls on a non working day. 

2. Submission of Claim Forms

  • Preston office will continue to work with a cut-off date of the last working day of the month for payment the following month.  It would be helpful if practices could submit claims on at least a weekly basis to ensure a steady flow of claims for processing and prompt payment.
  • Any claim forms which you have already submitted to the Herron House PCS Office have now been transferred to Preston for processing.
  • Claim forms should now be sent direct to the Preston office. As the forms contain patient identifiable information forms should be sent via Royal Mail Registered Post or Special Delivery.
  • Any claim forms being returned to contractors by Preston office will be sent via Royal  Mail Registered post. 

3. Pre-notification of domiciliary visits

4. Contacts  for Preston Office


Postal Address

NHS England

Primary Care Support – Preston Office

3 Caxton Rd







01772 221444

Email – Claims


Email - Payments



As I have already stated our priority is to ensure the change takes place smoothly and seamlessly but if you experience any problems , or have any queries about the new arrangements , please contact Paul Massam on 01772 221338.


H D Peter (Miss)

General Manager


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