Referral into PEATS from 111- 12/01/2016 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Referral into PEATS from 111- 12/01/2016

At a services review meeting with Stafford and Cannock CCGs on 22 December, an appraisal of the Primary Eyecare Assessment and Treatment Service (PEATS) demonstrated high levels of clinical excellence, cost savings and patient satisfaction.  Hence, the CCGs are keen to increase the service’s activity, and it was agreed that Stafford and Cannock PEATS would accept referrals from the 111 service.  PEATS subcontractor practices will start to receive these referrals as early as Tuesday 12 January.

SASPEC has liaised closely with 111 and Directory of Services (DOS) with regard to inclusion and exclusion criteria for PEATS, in line with the guidance document of July 2015 and the LOCSU MECS model pathway.  Referrals from 111 will be made directly to PEATS practices, rather than to the central hub.  Once directed to a PEATS practice by 111, the patient can either phone the practice or self-present. 

The practice reception staff will complete a PEATS reception triage form for any referral from 111, so that the PEATS practitioner can decide whether the referral merits a PEATS Urgent (within 24 hours) appointment, or a PEATS Routine (within 14 days) appointment.  As always, any inappropriate referrals can be deflected directly to New Cross ARC, or to the patient’s GP.  However, DOS’s Pathways tool should ensure that all referrals into PEATS are suitable for management by the service – if anything, it will err on the side of caution.

If you cannot fit in a referral from 111 into your clinic within the required time window then please refer the patient to an alternative PEATS practice (after having first of all checked with that practice that they can definitely accommodate the patient).

Following the inclusion of referrals to PEATS from 111, SASPEC will keep a close watch on service activity over the coming weeks.  If you encounter any problems, please let Alison or me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and goodwill.


Mark McCracken

Clinical Governance and Performance Lead (PEATS/MECS)

Primary Eyecare (Shropshire & Staffordshire) Ltd [SASPEC]

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