PCSE Update - 23/01/2018 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

PCSE Update - 23/01/2018

  • Now that most optical practices have completed and submitted their Quality in Optometry (QiO) GOS Contract Compliance checklists, the NHS England Area Team is meeting on 22 January  to plan Post Payment Verification Visits (PPV) to Staffordshire practices
  • All contract variations are now going through the Halesfield office in Telford, and are being dealt with by Julie Rawlinson.  The email address for all contract variations and to let the team know of any PCSE problems is england.halesfieldprimarycare@nhs.net.  The Rugeley address and telephone numbers are still valid and queries will be forwarded if appropriate to Halesfield
  • PCSE will not discuss individual contractors’ issues with the Area Team, so it would be helpful for the team to know of any matters that contractors are having problems with
  • Staffordshire LOC is aware that there has been a delayed payment of the CET grant to a number of practices.  PCSE has said that all payments will be made in January or February.  If payment hasn’t been received by the end of January (providing that the claim was submitted by 31 October 2017), the practice should contact the Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884, or email  PCSE.Optical@nhs.net.  In addition, if you are having difficulties, please inform  Alison Lowell at the LOC office
  • A new standardised Pre-reg Training Grant Form has been released.  A download link to this form can be found on LOC Hot Brief 63.  The allowance payable to supervisors will be £3,514.  Email your completed form to PCSE at PCSE.Optical@nhs.net. 


Mark McCracken

Chair, Staffordshire LOC




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