Optometry Workforce Development Grants - 2nd May 2019 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Optometry Workforce Development Grants - 2nd May 2019

Staffordshire LOC is delighted to report that it has secured a grant from NHS England towards the training and upskilling of optometrists from Staffordshire-based community optical practices, and we would like to share news of this opportunity with our colleague practitioners.
The CCGs are keen to re-visit our existing extended primary eyecare services, with the emphasis on innovation and improvement of outcomes.  A potential opportunity for community optometrists with a special interest in glaucoma is the new "Integrated Community Glaucoma Monitoring Service" LOCSU pathway, which in theory would enable some of the "medium risk" COAG patients to be monitored in the community in addition to the "low risk" OHT and Suspect COAG patients.  The College of Optometrists has designed the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma (Prof Cert Glauc) to prepare and accredit optometrists to monitor such glaucoma patients in community practice with an established management plan.
Staffordshire LOC hereby invites expressions of interest in the undertaking of the Prof Cert Glauc training from all GOC-registered optometrists practising in Staffordshire.  Please be aware that although the OHT & Suspect COAG pathway is currently commissioned in North Staffordshire only, given the anticipated re-design of the pathway (and the fact that the CCGs intend to commission this service on a pan-Staffordshire basis in September 2019), the new training opportunity is extended equally to South Staffs optometrists as it is to their North Staffs counterparts.  The cost of the training will be dependent on the number of applicants: it might be as little as nothing, or there may be a small cost.  Either way, NHS England will make a significant contribution towards the cost.
In the case of any of you who have already attained the Prof Cert Glauc certification (Phase 1), and in the event of any leftover monies, additional grants will be offered on a case-by-case basis for Phase 2 training in Independent Prescribing, Professional Higher Certificate in Glaucoma (Higher Cert Glauc) and Professional Diploma in Glaucoma (Dip Glauc).
If you would like to take advantage of this excellent opportunity (which is unlikely to be repeated), please could you register your interest with Alison Lowell by no later than Monday 20th May.

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