Information about referrals to University Hospitals of North Midlands **UPDATE** - 21/01/2016 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Information about referrals to University Hospitals of North Midlands **UPDATE** - 21/01/2016

We have spoken to UHNM and have confirmation from the Outpatients Directorate Manager that referral processes for Optometrists remain unchanged therefore please re-send any referrals which have been returned to you.

If you continue to experience any difficulties on this matter please let me know.

Kind regards



It has come to light that University Hospitals of North Midlands has unilaterally changed its ‘referral in’ policy. This has resulted in a number of referrals not being accepted and ‘bounced back’ to the original referrer. At no point has the LOC been contacted to discuss this matter and this only came to light on the morning of Monday 18th January as several of you received returned referrals. It also appears this came as a surprise to the Ophthalmology department as well.

Optometry has never had access to the full patient record and so cannot provide all the information required. We also have a number of direct access pathways that are time sensitive and work well by being directed straight to the Ophthalmology team.

We will endeavour to seek a solution to this matter that involves the minimum change to practice systems. We would ask that you be aware that you may receive ‘returns’. I would ask that you resubmit these in the normal manner or contact Alison at the LOC office if you need more guidance in any given case.

We will contact you all again with clearer guidance when we have it. A copy of the letter from UHNM for your information can be viewed here

Please direct any queries to Alison at the office


Stewart Townsend

LOC Chair

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