GRR Reminder to all Stafford and Cannock Optoms- 23/09/2015 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

GRR Reminder to all Stafford and Cannock Optoms- 23/09/2015

On 20th July 2015, the Stafford & Cannock Glaucoma Referral Refinement (GRR) pathway was launched for community Optometry. The primary motivations behind this scheme are the NICE guidelines (2009) and subsequent need to keep false positive cases of raised IOP from reaching secondary care setting.

There are two forms of refinement, Test A (GAT IOP refinement) and Test B (full Glaucoma work up). The tariffs for providing these services are £16.00 and £40.00 respectively.

On analysis of the data, the number of patients seen on the pathway between dates July 20th – August 31st was significantly lower when compared to similar pathways around the country. While this may well be due to initial teething problems, I would request every Optometrist to ensure all eligible patients are correctly referred into this scheme.

Please click here for the guidance notes on how to use this pathway. Guidance for accredited optoms and Guidance for optoms.

If you have any queries about GRR services, email Alison at the LOC office on:

If your query is of clinical nature, feel free to email me on:

Finally, SASPEC has worked extremely hard to set up these community services for the profession. Your patients will appreciate the extra level of care and accredited Optometrists will be providing a funded clinical service. Please ensure you are all making good use of this facility.

Thank you.

Irfan Razvi




Clinical Governance & Performance Lead for Glaucoma Services


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