Continuing Community Services Under SASPEC Company Model - 16/01/2017 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Continuing Community Services Under SASPEC Company Model - 16/01/2017

As you will be aware  we have now had formal agreement from the North Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent CCGs, to re-commission the following pathways under the Company Model (SASPEC):
  • Acute Eye Services
  • Glaucoma Services
  • Pre & Post Operative Cataract Services
  • Paediatric Shared Care
We are looking towards a launch date in April 2017. Individual practices who would like to continue with the above schemes after April, will need to subcontract directly with SASPEC. Participation will require the completion of clinical governance over and above that needed for GOS, and I would be grateful if you could start work on the list below and have it completed & sent to us by 27th February 2017. This additional governance will soon become a national requirement for all community eye care services.
Here is a list of what all contractors and performers must provide to hold a subcontract with SASPEC:
  • QI0 Level 1 - as per GOS requirement
  • QI0: NHS Standard Contract LOC Company Subcontractor Checklist. All 3 parts: General conditions, Service conditions, Information governance checklist
  • QI0: Infection Control Audit
  • Accreditation certificate (appropriate WOPEC Certificates)
  • Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children Accredited Level 2 e-learning, available free of charge from the DOCET website
  • Details of your professional indemnity insurance provider
1. Just a word of warning: please avoid doing the wrong QI0 NHS Standard contract checklist! There is also one for LOC Companies "LOC company checklist" and one for practices contracting directly with commissioner "Practice contracting direct checklist" and they both require more work!  If you do have further queries on checklist completion, contact Alison Lowell at Staffs LOC in first instance.
2. Once these have been completed please attach and email them to
3. With respect to Accreditation certificates, these are required for Acute Eye Services, Glaucoma Services and Post Operative Cataract Services. For Pre-Operative Cataract and Paediatric shared care the LOC office already has a database of accreditation so you do not need to provide any additional evidence.

If you have any queries with this process or general query please do not hesitate to contact Alison Lowell at the LOC office on 01785 887937 or by email:
Kind regards

Irfan Razvi 
(Company Director)
Primary Eyecare (Shropshire & Staffordshire) Ltd
Vice Chairman (North) Staffs LOC

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