CET to CPD - What you need to know, 18th November 2021 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

CET to CPD - What you need to know, 18th November 2021

With the final CET cycle coming to an end, its time to wave goodbye to CET points, and say hello to the new continuing professional development (CPD) system - active from 1st January 2022.

The GOC's new CPD system aims to give you more control over your learning and development. You will have more opportunities to relect on your practice, and tailor your learning to your own personal needs and requirements. The new system is set to be less prescriptive, and will help you to develop the skills you need throughout your career.

In the new system competencies will be replaced with four core domains which group together the 'Standards of Practice' for optometrists, plus two more domains: Speciality CPD (therapeutic prescribing or contact lens practice), and Current Risks, which will be invoked by the GOC as required, in response to a clear identified risk.

You will need to collect a minimum of one CPD point for each of the four core domains, per three year cycle. Your remaining points can be gained in the domains which best suit your learning and development needs. Those with specialities, such as therapeutic prescribing and contact lens practice, will need to gain a minimum of 18 points in the fifth domain, 'Speciality CPD' over the three years.

There are a few aspects that will remain the same. This includes the total number of CPD points required per three year cycle (36 points for optometrists; 54 points for AS/SP/IP), along with the split between interactive and non-interactive CPD - a minimum of 18 points must be interactive.

The new system will also have a greater emphasis on reflective learning. This means you will need to complete a mandatory reflective practice exercise based around your professional development in order to meet the requirement.

For further information and updates please visit the College of Optometrists website https://college-optometrists.org/the-college/media-hub/news-listing/cet-to-cpd-what-you-need-to-know.html

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