Casual Vacancy on Staffordshire Local Optical Committee - 25/01/2018 at Staffordshire Local Optical Committee

Casual Vacancy on Staffordshire Local Optical Committee - 25/01/2018


Following the resignation of one of its members, a casual vacancy has arisen on Staffordshire Local Optical Committee.  The LOC is keen that this position should be filled by a local performer - i.e. an optometrist who is performing primary ophthalmic services in the Staffordshire area.
Staffordshire LOC would like to extend an invitation to any local performer interested in representing his/her colleagues on the committee to attend its next meeting as an observer.  Hopefully, this opportunity will give you some useful insights into our work around GOS and extended eyecare services, and help you decide if you would like to get involved. 
The next LOC meeting will take place on Monday 12 March.  Should you wish to attend as an observer (no strings attached at this stage!), please contact Alison Lowell  at
Thank you for your consideration, and I hope maybe to see you on 12 March.

Mark McCracken

Chair, Staffordshire LOC

Company Director, Primary Eyecare (Shropshire & Staffordshire) Ltd [SASPEC]

Clinical Governance & Performance Lead (MECS)






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